Closing Out a Summer of Success

Closing Out a Summer of Success

After a phenomenal six weeks, the Ranney Summer Institute courses have finally come to a close. Those in attendance of Mr. Gary and Miss Cassidy’s classes finished off their summer with a final review of the topics covered across the course. Mr. Gary also allowed the students some free time and played games with the students to help them unwind before the school year starts up again in a few weeks. The students formed a conga line and conga-ed back into the classroom after a quick break.


The students enrolled in Geometry took their final exam and enjoyed some downtown with their teacher, Mr. Bernstein. It has been a remarkable summer and we are so grateful to our wonderful educators and brilliant staff for all their hard work. The students enrolled in RSI courses this summer will no doubt succeed in both the classroom and later on in life, as well. We hope everyone has a happy and safe rest of the summer!

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Aug 05, 2016




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